Since June 2006, our chefs take a global approach to food with a clear, thoughtful focus on authenticity, quality and sustainability.  They work together to share their most favorite recipes and balance familiar and exotic tastes, textures and aromas. They originate from French, Italian, Turkish, Persian, American and other Mediterranean Countrysides to create menus that are approachable and full of signature dishes to cater to diverse palates and makes it easy to please your crowd.  Our mission is to provide an all-around exceptional experience for every event that starts with professional service, delivers delicious food and drinks and finishes with happy clients.


We are active participants in the clean food movement. We use clean ingredients in all of our recipes such as non-gmo project verified oils & ingredients amap*, natural, organic, sustainable, fairly traded, and locally sourced foods, animal products that are 100% natural, free range, no hormones and no antibiotics and minimal oils & no trans-fats. 

We also make every effort to minimize our environmental footprint. We minimize the use of toxic cleaning chemicals throughout our facilities and promote the use of more natural alternatives. We use biodegradable, compostable and recyclable paper and plastic goods amap*. We use low-energy and low-flow water equipment. We recycle our oils for fuel conversion.  We search daily for new ways to reduce our footprint.  

*amap means as much as available or possible